Don't question it. Just love it.

Guess where I am…

Wow!!! I’m in my hometown right now- Madison, Wisconsin. It’s a five hour drive from where I live. For the most part I slept, but when I woke up I found my brother was sticking his head out the window like a dog. No, really. Not kidding. When he put his head back in, he  had a kind of 80’s hairstyle. After that he decided fidgeting and talking without stopping for the next two hours would be a good idea. He pissed everyone off. Like, he would NOT shut up!!!! This is my face before 5 hour car ride with my brother :) this is my face after >:(       Allso, when we got to Madison, we had an awesome lunch at a Tibetin resteraunt. They had these delicious dumplings called Momos. I like me some Momos!!!!


Dancing Pig!

You CAN’T not love this.     

I have a dog named Zeppelin. We call him Zeppy for short. My dog loves food, like most dogs. He will eat anything. Two days ago, actually, my brother poured canola oil in his water and he drank ALL of it. Then he kept almost throwing up but not. He was, like, hacking. I got sorta worried, but he was still breathing so it was all good. And the day before that, he ate a block of imported dutch cheese. An entire block. I mean, he’s done it before, so it wasn’t THAT big a deal…one time, when my friend and I were working on a science project for a science fair he ate a block of cheddar that was used for our experiment. And two months ago, he ate his most epic thing yet- two loaves of bread. One of them still had the plastic on, so he ate that, too. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson after that, but no. The very next day, he ate the last loaf of bread we owned. That’s three loaves of bread and one plastic bag in two days, folks. Isn’t that a world record or something? I can’t find a picture of him anywhere, but rest assured that I will be posting one soon. I found a picture of the imported cheese on google, though: 


This morning my brother called me outside. I was all just awake and tired, but he insisted. What did I find, you may ask? A squirrel, throwing itself onto my window as if trying to break in. It continued doing this for the better part of twenty minutes. The window was just a screen, so it was actually possible that the squirrel would break through and land in our house. My only explanation? Clearly, a very small person in a squirrel suit was trying to rob us. Can’t fool me, person who feels the need to dress like a squirrel with a disease in order to rob a house. And yes, this actually happened.

So I decided to start a blog. I really don’t know what I was thinking. This is supposed to be a humor blog…so, yeah. I’m going to distract you from how terrible this post is with a picture of a bear now.I really don’t think that there’s anything quite awesome as bears. So, one more thing you ought to know about my site: It is only for those who enjoy the stranger things in life. The people who laugh at abnormality. Also, bears. And it may not be much yet, but one day it might very well rule the world!!!!! Or at least a little corner of it. So, keep reading, it will get better than this.