Don't question it. Just love it.

Special Dog

Today, My Dog woke me up at seven. He jumped onto the bed chewing his squeaky toy and making this noise that sounded like an elephant dying. So  I went downstairs to let him out, and the moment I closed the glass door and he was outside, he started giving me this look like, “why did you leave me all alone I want to come back in!”  So then I had to let him in. When I did that, he started running around in circles with a toy bear in his mouth until I got dizzy. Then I tried to go back to sleep. I had this weird dream that I was in kindergarten with my sister who’s actually in 3rd grade. And we were taught by this poster of Abraham Lincoln. And then we watched a play about cows who did a ballet and then leaped into a mudhole. I woke up feeling very confused. Right now, Zeppy is lying on the floor as if I killed his heart by not running in circles with him at 7:00 in the morning. He’s a special dog…


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