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Get Ready…

I need you guys to get ready…for thge most awesome poll of all time!!!!!! What we’re gonna do here is this: I’m gonna make a poll with a question like Shark vs. Bear, and you people are gonna VOTE and the creature that wins will be used in the next POLL TOURNAMENT! And what IS a poll tournament, you may ask? It’s when I take all the creatures that have one the poll contests and set them against eachother! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE EPIC WINNER! Let the games….BEGIN! Okay, remember, the shark can move as if it’s in water, and the bear can move as if its on land. And for the purpose of time, I’m not gonna say what kind of bear and shark they are. They are both average size. The day after tomorrow I will check the poll and see who won.    




Comments on: "Get Ready…" (2)

  1. I love how ur only category is awesome…. niceeee becci

  2. Go Shark

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