Don't question it. Just love it.

I have a dog named Zeppelin. We call him Zeppy for short. My dog loves food, like most dogs. He will eat anything. Two days ago, actually, my brother poured canola oil in his water and he drank ALL of it. Then he kept almost throwing up but not. He was, like, hacking. I got sorta worried, but he was still breathing so it was all good. And the day before that, he ate a block of imported dutch cheese. An entire block. I mean, he’s done it before, so it wasn’t THAT big a deal…one time, when my friend and I were working on a science project for a science fair he ate a block of cheddar that was used for our experiment. And two months ago, he ate his most epic thing yet- two loaves of bread. One of them still had the plastic on, so he ate that, too. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson after that, but no. The very next day, he ate the last loaf of bread we owned. That’s three loaves of bread and one plastic bag in two days, folks. Isn’t that a world record or something? I can’t find a picture of him anywhere, but rest assured that I will be posting one soon. I found a picture of the imported cheese on google, though: 


Comments on: "Is it NORMAL for a dog to eat this much?" (2)

  1. He really ate that much???!!!

  2. Yes. Yes he did.

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